Peeking out

We often see photography of birds in flight or with their wings expanded.  I enjoy taking a different look at these birds, tucked into their nests. Here are a few more shots from May Term Ornithology Science and Art class at AC.  These shots were taken either on Allendale Columbia’s nature trail, which is right on campus, Mendon Ponds Park, or the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge.

Red Pileated Woodpecker.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 10.14.30 AM.png

May Term – Day 3 – Montezuma

Day two at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge was even better than the first day. We went earlier in the morning, leaving Rochester around 8:30. The animals seemed more active in the morning, and this allowed for some great shots.

Mrs. Lisi and Mrs. Wun have been awesome. They have arranged these amazing field trips and experiences to allow for us to do this work. I cannot wait for tomorrow.

Home Sweet Home
On the Waters Edge
Busy in Montezuma
Winged Reflection

May Term Day 2 – Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

For Day 2 of May Term, we headed off to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge for the Ornithology Science and Art Field Work class. It’s about an hour from Rochester, and right off the New York State Thruway.  It is just short of 10,000 acres of both dry and wetlands set aside for the nesting, feeding, breeding, and resting of waterfowl and other migratory birds. We are fortunate to be so close and we will head back for another day tomorrow. No bald eagle sightings, but maybe tomorrow will be our chance.  I’m so excited to go back. May Term is such an incredible experience, and I’m so glad I go to a school that doesn’t keep me sitting at a desk taking exams when there is so much out there to learn.










May Term – Ornithology and Photography

Today was the first day of May Term for us at Allendale Columbia. May Term is a time toward the end of the school year where we can choose coursework from a variety of different things and specialize to our interests.  After seeing an offering for ornithology and photography, I was excited to sign up.

We spent a majority of the first morning with a refresher on how to use a camera for those who didn’t have experience from Mrs. Wun, the Upper School art and photography teacher.  We also had a visit from former Allendale Columbia Biology teacher, Mr. Paul Amber, who was kind enough to give us a tour of campus and the nature trail while helping to identify birds.  Mrs. Lisi, who is one of the instructors, also had a former student who is an ornithologist in Maryland who Skyped with our class. It’s great having my photography teacher Mrs. Wun and science teacher Mrs. Lisi team up in this course, which brings two of my favorite things together; wildlife and photography.

I’m very excited about tomorrow as we head to the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see a bald eagle and get a good photo.

Bird Kingdom

Today I went up to Niagara Falls, Canada. I went to an aviary called Bird Kingdom. It is the biggest free flying indoor bird aviaries in the world and it has over 300 birds inside. Birds were flying around everywhere! I used my Nikon D3300 with my 55-300 mm zoom lens to capture these beautiful birds.  It was just and hour and 1/2 from Rochester, so it was well worth the visit up there.  This is another great place to practice photography.  They say you should expect to spend about 2 hours there, but I could have spent all day.  It was amazing.

A Golden Pheasant
A Giant Wood Rail
A Blue and Gold Macaw
A Blue and Gold Macaw
The Blue Crowned Pigeon
A Blue Breasted Kingfisher
A Blue Breasted Kingfisher
A Red Crested Turaco
A Violaceous Turaco
Eclectus Parrot
A Fife Fancy Canary

Seneca Park Zoo Birds

The zoo is a great place to practice photography. It allows photographers to get a close look at birds they would not normally encounter. I was able to work on my zoom shots, as well as really paying attention to the lighting in the bird enclosure.  These pictures were taken at the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, New York.

Spotted Dikkop


Red Lored Amazon Parrot


Superb Starling


Spotted Dikkop


Roseate Spoonbill


Red Lored Amazon Parrot


Scarlet Ibis