Lemurs of Madagascar

A conspiracy is the term they give to a group of lemurs. Although I did get to see groups of lemurs, most of them were just hanging out in the trees, enjoying themselves. It was incredible to see just how many species of lemurs we could find when I traveled to Madagascar. The lemur that I encountered the most was the common brown lemur. We also got to see ring-tailed lemurs, bamboo lemurs, black and white ruffed lemurs,  and sifaka lemurs. The common brown was notorious for climbing up on people, and even perched on my shoulder for a visit. It helped that I had a banana in my hand.

Golden Bamboo Lemur
Golden Bamboo Lemur
Sifaka Lemur
Black and White Ruffed Lemur
Common Brown Lemur
Common Brown Lemur
Ring-tailed Lemur
Conspiracy of Lemurs

3 thoughts on “Lemurs of Madagascar

  1. Matt, it is fun to watch your photography evolve, and I notice that you are getting better with depth of field and playing around with different approaches to portrait styles, especially with animals. I also like to hear your voice in writing, and is fun to watch your work get better over time. Keep up the posting, I can see a budding National Geographic photographer in the making, and you will appreciate looking back on your work 10 years from now. Mr. Burke

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