Menorano and OCF


On our third day in Madagascar we went to a local school in a village just outside of Ranomafana. The hike was about two hours long. The first part of the hike was to cross a river in a canoe that was a hallowed out tree shaped into the canoe. Then we hiked over large hills and finally got to the village. At the village, we interacted with the school children by reading books to them and showing them iPads. We also gave them gifts such as dresses, stuffed animals, and a soccer ball. They greatly appreciated the soccer ball, since before that, they used a grape fruit. We then hiked back to go to the Research facility where we were staying. We went around the campus of the research facility and started collecting insects and animals for the One Cubic Foot group in order to DNA bar code and photograph them. After we did that, we had a presentation on birds by Jean Claude who was taking us on a bird watch the next day.DSC_0427.JPGDSC_0447.JPG


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